Saturday, October 27, 2012

Feel Better butterfly

This thinking of you card was inspired by a card I had saved on my computer WAY back when.  The original card was made by Linda Bullard, whose work on Splitcoaststampers was on my "Love" list!  I made this into a get well card.  Counting down to the sale...only 5 productive days left.

Well....I really wanted my day to be card productive but it turned into a dog productive day instead.  I decided that instead of waiting until the last minute to bathe my standard poodle, Gabby, for my sale, I would do it today instead.  While soaping her down, I noticed some odd looking skin problems on her tail and back.  When I told my mom about it (she lives with us), she mentioned that she just saw a bug on her mini poodle.  Augh!!!   I checked Yoyo (mom's poodle) and he was covered in fleas.  How could this happen so fast?????   So........I had barely gotten Gabby dried from her bath to turn around and bathe Yoyo as well.  We saw a lot of fleas wash down the drain!   So....once Yoyo was dry, I ran Gabby to the vet.  Sebaceous cyst was the diagnosis.    A number of real tiny ones on her tail.  the skin problem on her back?  The vet just thought it was aging skin.  Hmmmmm.......think I'll just watch it in case.  While I was some Advantage for Yoyo.  Got to nip these fleas in the bud!!


Shirley said...

Totally lovely, Anne! As usual. Good luck on your sale too! Have fun too!

Niki said...

Great card. I have this stamp, love it, and seldom know what to do with it. You used it well.

Good luck with the dogs and fleas. Cooler weather may help!