Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm IN! I'm IN! I'm IN!!!!!!!!!

Sooooooooo  excited!!!   I received confirmation today that I will be one of just a few vendors for the University Club Ladies Core Christmas Luncheon.  The University Club in Portland is over 100 years old.  They own their own building in downtown Portland.  The Ladies Core meet monthly (I think) and in December they have a Christmas Luncheon.  I believe there are 150 or more ladies that come to the luncheon.  In the past they have had vendors (5 or 6) for the Ladies to enjoy.  I get to be one!!  I'm very excited and now have even more work to do to get ready!!  I'll take mostly 3-D items there along with my cards.  Excited, excited, excited!!

Can you tell I'm excited!  ;-)

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wwilloww said...

Good for you Ann!!! Have fun and make lots of Christmas money!!! I'm excited for you!