Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Technique Junkie CD's for sale

As I was organizing my CD's from Technique Junkies, I realized that I had three that were duplicates.  So..........I'd like to offer them up here for sale. 

Each CD covers the rubber stamping techniques that were offered in the Technique Junkie newsletter for the entire year!!  That was usually over 90 techniques on each CD and they are all different with a special technique only listed on the CD.

CD 6 - Covers the issues from 10-07 to 08-08
CD 7 - Covers the issues from 10-08 to 08-09
CD 8 - Covers the issues from 10-09 to 08-10

You can see the individual techniques offered during that time period by visiting the technique list HERE

They were purchased new for $10 each.  You can have them for $5 each plus postage.  Postage will run $4.00 if you purchase all three.   Contact me for the postage if you purchase less than all three.

AND.........I am thankful that this will help to fund my riding lessons!  ;-)

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