Thursday, February 17, 2011

Suspenseful! and an Accident Final Report

Well.......I've been creating but you WILL have to wait.  Some of the new techniques coming out in April are soooo much fun!  I've had a blast creating and filming them!  Got four of my six submission cards done yesterday.

Today was very fun for me........I had a call from a high school classmate.  We are planning my 40th reunion (like, when in the world did THAT happen) and were rejoicing at long lost members that have been found with the wonders of the internet! 

Monday on the other hand, wasn't as fun.  After see the Neurosurgeon they have now determined that I am medical stable but am not responding for any treatments.  I've decided that surgery just isn't necessary at this point.  I'm willing to live with the low grade back pain and numbness in my feet.  Very discouraging.  I can still pray for a healing though!  ;-) 


Sandra said...

so sorry to hear - pain and numbness is not fun, will keep you in my prayers Ann.

wwilloww said...

I too will keep you in my prayers!!!! As for what you are creating, I can't wait to see...hint, hint, hint...LOL