Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tapping the Helmet!

The card today is for the HoeDown Challenge by Hambo Stamps.  You can click on the Hoe Down link in the right side bar.  The challenge was football.  Okay......I do have to preface this with the statement that I really don't care to watch football.  If I want a good nap, all I have to do is put on a football game and I can be asleep in 5 minutes.  I think it is the crowd noise!

Anyway...........I rate the teams according to their helmets.  The cooler the helmet, the more I root for the team.  Seahawks, cool helmet.  Dolphins, cool helmet.  Rams, WAY cool helmet.  There are more but NOT Green Bay or the Steelers....they are NOT on my cool helmet list.  So, I wasn't going to root for either team on Sunday.  BUT then I heard that the "G" doesn't really stand for Green Bay.  On a Sports Inside website, the article said that the "G" actually stands for "Greatness!"  So........with that in mind, the Green Bay helmet climbed a few notches in the cool helmet list. 

So, with the challenge being football, I just had to do the card shown.  I did a spotlight technique for the helmet and market tapping for the background.  Hope you enjoy!!

THEN..........I was really busy on Sunday and Monday night as I finished up 28 of the thank you cards for my rhodie society trophy donors.  It looks just like the red rhododendron card I made for my hubby that I posted a couple of days ago.


Catherine Kraft said...

Very cute card Ann! Love the colorful helmet and the techniques you used~



Mari said...

I have to agree - no better time to sleep than during a football game! :D
Great idea, love the colors you added!

Monica Hunter said...

Yep, now THAT'S a cool helmet! :) And what a great background too! I haven't seen that done before, so now you've given me something to have to try. Thanks for playing along with us Ann!

Hannah Clark said...

Okay, I love the card! I especially love the marks under the girl's eyes! Awesome! Thanks for playing with us at Hambo Hoedown!

Joy said...

cute cute cute, thanks for playing with Hambo! Joy DT

Libby Hickson said...

Oh I love this so much, it truly IS all about the helmet!! And your helmet is FABULOUS!! Very cool about the Green Bay G, I had no idea!! Thanks for playing the Hoedown!