Thursday, October 23, 2014

Class Three with Christy Tomlinson

My third class in Radiant Faces was taught by Christy Tomlinson and it was so much fun.  She is messy and so talented.  I had to laugh when I watched the videos when I saw her stamp pad because it was covered with paint.  Not only on the outside but on the pad itself!!  I went through a ton of paper towel........I don't like my hands to get goopy!  I would love to do this lesson again and next time I'll give the poor girl a little less hair.  Can't imagine how long it would take to dry a mop like that after shampoo!  Hahahaha.   I loved the way Christy taught us to make the flowers look like we drew them ourselves.   There are layers and layers on this.  This is also something that I've never done before.   In the class the dress for the lady was a piece of decorated paper but I just couldn't bear to cover the stenciled area on the right bottom corner, so I just added more stenciling and painted it to match the side thus creating her 'dress'.  There is a lot of gold metallic paint on this....a little hard to see in a photo.   One of Christy's signatures on this type of girl was a heavy pink cheek.  I probably wouldn't have done my own quite that dark but I was trying to keep the flavor of the class.  She is a real contrast to the other two classes that I've done!  You can see them on earlier posts.

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