Saturday, October 11, 2014

My first acrylic painted girl

I'm finally done with Lesson 1 in my Radiant Faces class and I think I have figured out that I have Acryliphobia.  The fear of acrylic paint.  I'm happy with my face but NOT with the color.  The face color is really more orange pink in real life.  Then I found that many of my paints are gloss.....and the teacher said that matte paints were better.......grrrr......   So, it added to the problem I had trying to shadow.  Is there a trick to shading with acrylic paint?  I certainly don't know it.  I ended up shading her cheek with pencil and it didn't fair too well over gloss paint.  The face color started too I beiged it down a little then when I was trying to went pink again.  The ear ended a little too low.  I also had an issue with the hair line.  Too low to start so I painted over with skin tone, then the hair didn't want to cover.  She is quite a departure from my inspiration picture of the sweet pensive girl ( you can see the picture of her in the post below) but I wanted to lose the headdress so that she looked a little more nymph like.   Besides we were to make it our own anyway!   I sure am learning a lot!  Hope you enjoy!

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Sue from Oregon said...

This is very cool Ann! The colors are just perfect -esp since I do not know what you had in mind in the first place...LOVELY!