Tuesday, October 21, 2014

White On Watercolor Hollyhocks

White on Watercolor technique from Technique Junkie sure has a lot of punch.  I was really excited about getting to use my new stamps from I Brake For Stamps.  I guess the flowers could be Hollyhocks or delphinium but for me I'll take Hollyhocks.  They are a favorite flower of mine and bring back so many beautiful childhood memories.  One memory was when my cousin, Mary, would come to visit.  Grandma Newhard lived across the street from us.  She was my dad's mom.  Actually my mom's mother, Grandma Benninghoff, lived behind us and I was in this beautiful grandma sandwich that every child should have!  Grandma N had shawl fringe that she had saved.  I don't know what from or for but as grand-daughters we got to play with it.  The fringe was really long....like 18" to 24" long.  There were two sections of it......one grey and one black.  Each one was about 15' long!  So, my cousin and I would wind it around our waists and pretend that we were hula dancers.  We would beg grandma for two old nylons that we would tie around our chests for our hula tops.  Then we would go get hollyhocks for our hair and the tops.  We thought we were pretty beautiful.  Since my dad was a photographer, he would take pictures of us having fun in our 'hula' outfits.   


April Puzzuoli said...

Love this!

Laura said...

Ann, your flower card is beautiful. Just had to comment after reading your very sweet memories of playing with your cousin with your grandma's fringed shawl! Loved that story! Thanks for sharing! hugs, Laura