Monday, October 20, 2014

Lesson Two with Tam LePorte

I am taking a Radiant Faces class online and this is my project for my second lesson.  It is called the inner child and teaches you the style of the lollipop girl.....large head, iddy, bitty body.  The inner child part of the class was for you to draw a yourself and your longings as a child, things you wished had been better, etc.  Well.....I had a wonderful childhood and really wouldn't change any of it.  I loved to ice skate and play piano. 

I was also horse crazy.  Anything with a horse on it, in it, around it, etc.  I wanted a horse so bad I could taste it!  I was a decent rider too but alas, I never got to own a horse (at least for very long).  When I was 11, my parents got me a welsh pony colt.  That little horse drug me back to the barn more times than I want to remember.  I broke him to being brushed, halter and lead.  But, he was just a mama's boy and would get a burr in his bonnet to rush back to the barn to be with her.  My parents decided to give him back to the people they bought him from.  They put him out to pasture and a month later he was as gentle as a lamb.  But mom and dad wouldn't try again.  I was devastated.  They gave me horse back riding lessons the next birthday to try and make up for it! 

When we moved to Colorado my new love became Ice skating.  I was a pretty good spinner and  jumper.  The piano lessons that I had taken in Ohio were a thing of the past but I continued to tinker around with it throughout high school.  Now as an adult, I'm the keyboardist for our praise band!

Hope you enjoy my inner child!

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Sue from Oregon said...

Ann-this is super cool...loving the history behind it all!