Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jim, don't look!

As I typed my title today, my musical turrets kicked in and I was soon singing "The Streak" know...."Ethyl, don't look!  It was too late, she was already mooned" title is a message to my son, Jim, to "Don't Look!"  He is on Facebook and my blog posts to FB.  This will be his Birthday card this year.  You can read a write up about it and see it's picture by clicking HERE .  The link takes you to the Technique Junkie blog where I post twice a month.  Hope you enjoy my hidden card!  I made it yesterday and have continued to keep up my one a weekday resolution!  Yeah.....almost a whole month. 

Sometimes when I go downstairs to create, I really struggle and it takes a couple of hours to come up with one decent card.  This particular card worked up in about 30 minutes!

1 comment:

Sue from Oregon said...

Went and took a peek...great card!