Monday, January 24, 2011

Pounds of Rubba Plus

I must say that it HAS been a couple of years since I've made the time to take care of my unmounted rubber.  I've been using it but it wasn't cataloged and it wasn't in CD cases.   That is about to change.  I have these all cataloged and they will be in cases soon!  Yeah!!

Now all of that part of the post was a decoy as the card I did today for my resolution is for my Son-in-law, Adam, and since he is on FB I didn't want him to see his card!  We have a plethora of birthdays the end of January and the beginning of February so I'm trying hard to be ahead of the game instead of waiting until the last minute like I normally do!

I wanted a big beer mug but didn't have a stamp so I just drew it.....nothing fancy mind you.  Mug is colored with copics.  The oval BG is a TJ technique called bingo splat.  The lighter blue background piece is also a TJ technique but since I wasn't smart enough when I made it to actually write the name of the technique on the back......I have NO idea what it is!  The 'foam' is just cotton.   I didn't want to go too much overboard because Adam is the type that just throws the card away at the end of his Birthday...........*gasp*!!

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