Saturday, January 8, 2011

Valentines for the Kiddos

The sweet mouse is from Sweet and Sassy Stamps.  I used cuttlebug highlights on this one.
I did something brand new to me too!..........I cut the hearts behind the mouse with my brand new Cricut and the SCAL2 program.  I created the heart myself!  The scallops really came out a lot smaller than I imagined....a learning lesson for sure!  The looped red border is also a freebie from  I thought that it need a little glitz so I glittered the layer under the mouse.  The mouse is colored with copic markers and cut out.  Ugh!  I hate cutting little stuff.  I'm NOT a very good cutter. 

I'm actually making three of these so I'm going to be ahead of my resolution goal.  Good for those bad stamping days, right?

After the other day, I'm not sure I want to reward the little twerps!  But I guess they were just being kids.  I watched all four grandkids while my daughter-in-law was getting her Monday Makeover that she won on a local radio station.  Which is a great story.  My middle daughter, Leah, nominated my oldest, Angie for Monday Makeover on 104.1 The Fish.  Angie won!  To thank Leah, Angie nominated her.  Then Leah won!!  I got to thinking that I should nominate my daughter-in-law, Ahtia.  So, I did and SHE won!!  Cool, huh?!!  Anyways, all three of the little kids were arguing and crying over one of the train set toys I have.  I sent all three to the corner where they ran and started to cry.  I told them they had nothing to cry about and to be quiet.  Which they all did.....amazingly enough!  So, I told them that the train set was MY toy and if they wanted to fight and cry over it and not share that I would just put it away.  I let them get up to go play again and no arguments over the train set!  At least for the 5 minutes they played with it.  Then it was on to a different toy.  After three hours of watching them all, I was really pooped.  I don't know how Ahtia does it for the whole day!!  Hopefully when the little three get a little bigger, it will be easier.  Breauna (who was here as well) was a jewel and happily reading her homework story to me.  We always have a wonderful time together!


Lynn Stevens said...

Such a darling card, I'm sure the "twerps" will love them! LOL. its a good thing we have kids when were young. It is draining as we get older!
Wow how cool all the girls got a makeover, sounds like they need to nominate you!

Sue from Oregon said...

Wonderful image and fun to see your SCAL creations. I have lots of sites I need to share with you for freebies! This site will lead you to more links than you have time to look at!

What a good granny you are!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

good granny? no Saint Granny! Cute story, luv the valentine!