Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Success and Not So Much Success

I get this call from Pastor Wednesday afternoon. "Hey, Ann. Our organist for Sunday can't play for the late service. Can you do it?" Well.....I was already scheduled to be playing 4 of the songs with praise band already so what are a few more. Fortunately, they weren't too hard. A little bit of litury and a couple of hymns. Then we added in an voluntary for offering and some special music. The special music was fun. It was a piece that my daughter, Leah, and I did before. My Faith Looks Up To Thee. A very pensive piece with piano and some singing. I asked her if she would sing it again at Praise Team practice on Thursday night. She said yes and while we were practicing, my son and his wife (they are part of praise team as well) chimed right in with harmony. It sounded so nice! So we ended up with all three of them singing for service during communion. I was tickled that it came off beautifully. Some of the other songs, however, had their glitches here and there. I'm hoping that most of the parishioners didn't notice. Only the people who knew how it was really supposed to sound probably noticed! At least I hope!!
Ray went to a baseball game today with my son-in-law, Adam. Oregon State playing Oregon. Adam loves Oregon, Ray love Oregon State. Time for a little good natured battle of the schools going on here! While Ray was at the game (and BTW....Oregon State won!) I participated in a Copic Challenge that my friend, Kimm Bennington-Thompson hosted from her blog. You used only three colors of copics that were picked for you. Then you could add in one more color from a picked color family. This card is what I came up with. The dotted background is a technique I submitted to the Technique Junkie newsletter and was published this month. It is called Chalk Lines. I didn't do lines as you can see but I used the same technique. The sweet tulip heart is some handdrawn art from Kathryn the Teawife's mom. Kathryn is a TJ member and was kind enough to give me a copy of it! Isn't it a darling image!! Kudos to your mom, Kathryn. I used copics R08, YR04, G07 and my pick from the Y group, Y06. To get the shading on the red tulips, I added some green and blended over with the red. I love the way you can shade with colors that don't really belong to the same color group. I also added yellow on the leaves to add some 'veins'. I hope you like it! And as you can tell by the shadow on the card.....we actually have a little bit of sun today! Here is the link to Kimm's post about the copic challenge. Click HERE!


Kimm said...

Your card is beautiful Ann!! Kimm

Kathryn the Teawife said...

Ahhh, thanks, Ann, for giving my mom a plug! She'll be so tickled! The coloring of the tulips is scrumptious! Wonderful card. And, your blog looks fantastic, too . . . like the background alot! Hugs, Kathy the teawife