Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not a Card

I spent most of my day working on my T-Shirt design for our car club's cruise-in. The deadline for the design was tonight for our monthly club meeting. This is the first year we will offer a shirt. We are having a Hawaiian theme this year which is unusual for a cruise-in. Our club likes to do things different from the other cruise-ins and it keeps the people coming back year after year. We are also having our trophies custom made. I'll have to post a picture of them when they are done. Until then....Here is a picture of the T-shirt design. I'm not a professional.......maybe that is why it took me so long. That AND the fact that my computer decided that I was pushing so much data that it would take naps while it computed changes and additions I made while designing. The car was originally a photo and its color was red. The flowers were only a black and white coloring picture. The palm trees had curved trunks and the surfer was a muted photo originally. The design will be about 12" across on the shirt. I really wanted some pink in it but that was going to require a 5 color process instead of a 4 color process........more money on the bottom line. So the pink got shelved. Last fall I took some Paint Shop Pro online tutorials (over 125 lessons) and I must say that what I learned was absolutely priceless. I couldn't have completed any of this year's tasks without them!! Thank you, Cathy Yamashita for pointing me to the Stepping Stones Through Paint Shop Pro yahoo groups! So.....I know it wasn't a card but I hope you enjoyed the picture anyway!!

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Caz and Lou said...

Absolutely brilliant Ann!!! I must do the tutorial if it allowed you to do something this good - I can only do basics in PSP. Looking forward to seeing the trophies now.