Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wonderful daughters!

My Saturday was planned by my 2 daughters (Angie & Leah) and my daughter-in-law (Ahtia). To celebrate my birthday and Mother's Day they had my day all planned and I didn't have a clue except that it would start with an hour long massage in my home. I've had a number of massages before BUT this gal is really good! She did some deep tissue work on my shoulders and I felt so good when she was done. Then the girls took me to Famous Dave's for lunch. Yum!! We spent a little time at Old Navy with all four of us crammed into one dressing room all trying on clothes at the same time. What fun!! You can really get a lot done fast when someone else is working with the hangers. You also get instant feedback like "Ewww, take it off!" or "That should be in your 'buy' pile!" Then it was off to the next stop. Leah put the addy into the GPS and off we went. As we took an exit off the freeway I thinking, "I know that this exit is for Peddler's Pack Stamp Store. I wonder if we are going there?" As we got closer to our destination and the GPS lady said to turn left on Watson, I said "Hmmmmm! I know an old Peddler on this road!" Sure enough..... What FUN!! As we entered they told me that I could pick out several stamps and it would be on them. Ecstasy!! It didn't take took long to fine a number of things I loved. They even had a little consignment area where I picked up a few cute House Mouse. Then we spotted the grab bags!! $5 a bag. I ended up getting two for me and Ahtia got one for her as well. They were FULL of goodies. Well over $50 in stamps, stickers, altered art items, Shimmer Papers,........WAY cool! Thank you girls!

After church on Sunday we took off to go to Bend to my step moms place. She is moving in with my step sister to care for her and will be getting rid of many of her household items. There were several big pieces of furniture that she wanted me to have so we took the car trailer there to bring them home. Now.....where in the world to put them! My step-sister, Jeanne, is 70 (14 years older than me) and has Parkinsons Disease. Her recent problems came from two ruptured discs and some bursitus in her hip. Poor girl! My 93 year old step-mom caring for her daughter. What a job!! We did have a good visit and I took this picture of us together.
Now I hope that Zander takes great naps today so I can catch up and maybe even get a card done!!

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Sue from Oregon said...

Oh your daughters did make your day special...how lucky!