Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ooo, Ooo, Ooo!!!!

Guess What!!?? I won some blog candy!! Marianne Walker's ilikemarkers blog just turned one year old this last week. Marianne had several other blogs hosting blog candy to help her celebrate. I signed up on several and happened to win the one hosted by Sharon Harnist. There were 845 people who signed up and Mr. Computer random number generator picked comment!! What was the candy? A set of caio Copic markers pictured here. Is that cool or what!! Maybe it was my praise to the computer gods by saying... "Ooo,eeee,aah,nee, aah, nee,wah, nee." Try it.....maybe it will work for you too! As much as I have using copics these puppies will get a lot of use at my house!!
Thank you Marianne! Thank you Sharon!! Here is Sharon's blog
You can click on my sidebar to get to the Ilikemarkers blog!


Sue from Oregon said...

I saw this this morning but didn't want to spill the beans in case you had not seen it yet! This is just so cool...lucky you!

Laurie said...

Ann, I was so excited this morning to see your name when I checked to see who won what over the weekend!! How exciting...can't wait to see your wonderful creations with made with your goodies. PS Love your cupcake for Artful Sentiments - that pink is too cool. Have a great day...Laurie

leenda said...

I was soooo jealous when I saw this!! LOL But, if anyone could make gorgeous artwork w/these jewels it would be you!! CONGRATS Ann!!

Linda C.

Sharon Harnist said...

Ann, I still need you to send me your mailing address, so we can get these to you. If you've been emailing me, I haven't received them ... thanks so much!