Monday, May 11, 2009

Really Bummed

Well.....over the weekend I found out that I was a victim of identify theft. :-( They used the debit card from one of my bank accounts to open up a Fed Ex account and charged over $1500. I'll get the money back and won't have to pay any fees but it may take up to two weeks. Not to mention all the calls I've had to made today to put fraud alerts on the credit companies, closing card accounts and filing police reports. Stupid thieves. I'd rather be stamping.....KWIM! Sure wish I knew how they got ahold of the information so I could be more diligent in preventing it.


Sue from Oregon said...

So sorry to hear of your troubles. Been there, done that. Don't forget to close your checking too...they got me twice in the same account. The bank told me it could happen anywhere! It pays to monitor your account regularly! So sorry!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Oh Ann, I am sooooo sorry!!! Makes me sick!! Makes me TOTALLY want to close everything and put my money under my mattress. Unfortunately we live in such a society that doesnt allow us not to be digital.

Gloria Dojlido said...

So sorry! My cousin had this happen, except they somehow accessed her bank account! Her savings account in particular that she was using to save up for her wedding. They drained it! How does THAT happen?? She got it all back...but TOTALLY frustrating! Makes you fell violated, doesn't it? Hang in there!