Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a day!!

My copic certification class was wonderful.....thank you, Marianne!! I shared a technique at the class and some of the people there wanted to see the cards that I made using that technique. So here are some of them. I'll post more about the class later, since I have a meeting tonight! All of the samples below were done with glossy paper EXCEPT the bottom one with the blue flower. I hope all of you at today's class enjoy these! I made all of them last year. If you go down to the post that talked about a technique play day, there is a picture posted with lots of backgrounds we made. Most of them were the AI Float.

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Laurie said...

Ann: I'm so glad you enjoyed the copic class. My friend & I are going to a cert class at the end of the month & can't wait! Marianne is not the teacher, but I'm hoping we'll have the same kind of experience you had. These cards are stunning. Will look at previous posts to find out what AI Float is. :)