Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art Doll

Look on yesterday's post if you want the Technique Junkie Blog Hop information!!

Well, first of all.....I must say that Art dolls were never on my creative scope. I've always considered them on the edge of freaky.   BUT when you are on a design team sometimes you need to do things that are beyond your normal scope, right?!!  The face, body and arms/legs are stamps from one of the vendors (Alluring Impressions) of this issue of the Technique Junkie newsletter.  When I was given the stamps, I thought...."How in the world am I going to use THESE?"  So, after googling 'art dolls' to remind myself exactly what they were and how to go about making them look decent, I dug through my stamps.  As well as the ones I had received I used some leaves from Fred Mullett and See-D's.  I grabbed my Gerber daisy stamp from Tac and started to create.  It took me a while to come up with the color scheme and I must have spent 30 minutes trying to get the 'skirt' to look right.  I think I'll make one more (I'm thinking yellows and rust the next round) and let another designer play with the stamps!  The layer under the doll is a piece of Polished Stone.  The bottom card layer is Triple Dimension using the Fred Mullett parsley stamp.   I hope you enjoy my departure from my normal style!


Nicole said...

What a creative ARTISTIC card! NOT just a crafty one, ya follow?? Awesome work, girl!

porphuropolis said...

I love this!! Beautifully done. Glad that you had to play "outside the box."


Anonymous said...

What a cheerful little doll...Very Interesting!