Friday, September 4, 2009

Blog Candy Winners!!

Today is the day that I award the Blog Candy!! The winners will receive an unmounted stamp of the image shown on this card. Hambo is a stamp company that has THE most adorable pig images. Even though this stamp isn't a pig, it is every bit as darling!!

Watch the video.......we picked the winners a little differently this time!

Since Blogger takes REALLY long to upload my videos, I have posted it on YouTube. Here is the link:

My grandson, Zander, helped me this time......then you get to see the dogs too. They wouldn't stay put on the other side of the camera. The large poodle, Gabby, is mine and the small black one is my mom's....YoYo. My mom helped video....she should have come a little closer so you could have actually seen the names on the slips.....oh well. She almost got Zander's name wrong....oh my!

Our winners are: Cathy Yamashita (her blog entry) and Diane Klieger! I'll get a hold of you gals for your addys! Congratulations!!

So.......if any of you have Blog video tips for me, let me know. ;-)


Crystal said...

Super cute card!!! Congrats ladies!

Diane Klieger said...

I finally have found some Krylon stainglass paint and will be trying this technique real soon.

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