Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm DONE!!!!!!!

Well....this past week the housework was completly ignored and there are little tiny pieces of paper and glitter EVERYWHERE!  I just completed making my snowglobes for my upcoming card sale....all 24 of them!!  This year I did snowflakes and trees on the snow with little birds flying.    At least these were a little less (very little) intense than the snowman from last year!!  I sell them for $15 each along with a case to store them.  Last year, if people purchased more than one, I sold them at $12 each.  I may do that again this year.  NOW I can get back to the fun of card making again!  Hope you enjoyed the picture.   AND for those who have takes about two hours or maybe a little more to do each one.  They fold flat to store.

Well.....since we are talking about enjoying pictures, I thought I'd share this one with you.  My mother, Charlotte, lives with us.  She has her own apartment.  The other day, she intercomed up to me and said, "Bring your camera, quick!"  I rushed down there and took this picture.  Isn't it adorable?  That is a little frog in the spout of a copper tea kettle that my mom has on her deck table.  So, sweet!!


Sheila said...

Those globes are too precious! I bet it was a lot of work!!
And the frog is just so cute. Nice pic!

Nicole said...

Wow, Ann, those snowglobes look like a ton work! Congrats on getting those done! Cute froggie pic, I used to collect frogs when I was a young girl! hugs, Nicole