Friday, April 3, 2009

Kimm's Copic Challenge

My friend, Kimm B-T, is hosting a copic challenge. You can click the link to her blog to the left....she is listed as one of the blogs that I follow. The challenge is to make a card with three copic colors Kimm has chosen plus one from the green family. I had B21, and Y21 but not the Red. So I ended up using Y11, B21 and R21 as well as GY03 for my green. It was a fun card to do. My Versafine Black pad didn't cooperate tonight.......even though I hit the image with a heat gun for a while, the ink still feathered out when I was working near thick lines with the copics. I really need a Momento pad!! The cute little flower charm was a recent purchase from Michael's from their bridal section. They have a number of charms and they are way cheaper in that section than in the scrapbook/cardmaking section of M's!! I'll link my card on her blog tomorrow night.
I spent part of the day babysitting my grandson, Zander. He was very needy today. Wanted to have attention all the time and wasn't napping worth a hoot. Finally at 2:45pm he got his nap. He is cutting teeth and I'm sure that is his problem. While he was up after lunch, he played with the fabric grocery bags as I unpacked my treasures from last weekend's Saturday Market purchases. I needed to choose several of the 'trophies' that I purchased for the flower show tomorrow morning. I'll set up the trophy table then act as one of the judges. This will be the first show of the season for the Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. The last show will be on Mother's Day. There are only 6 trophies for this show so it is very low key. The MD show has about 35 trophies so it is a lot more work. So we'll hit the hay a little early tonight since we have to be at the garden at about 7:30 am. We still need to see if we have any flowers worth taking in for the competition too! We have probably about 15 plants blooming now.....not too many to choose from!

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msfreida said...

You did a beautiful job on this...especially on the water! Love the DP and the charm gives the perfect touch!

Oh how I love rhododendrons, but I've never had any luck with them...I think it's just too warm and humid down here! I do have several large azaleas that may get their plump buds nipped tonight with our unexpected freeze! Yikes!