Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, my duet (piano) with Gary (violin) went very well. We only had about 2 minutes of actual practice together before performance. But it wel very well.....only had one chord that wasn't what it should have been and I was able to save it and go on. Yeah! Our service tonight was absolutely beautiful. We sang (choir) two songs that went well and bell choir did a reflective piece that was difficult and very well done. The tenebrea (spelling?) service is the "Service of darkness" and as the scripture is read, the lights are lowered darker and darker. At the end, the Christ candle is the only thing lit and it is removed. After a time of silence, the book is slammed shut with a loud bang. Then after a while the Christ candle is returned and everyone leaves in silence. Such a proper and somber reminder of this Holy night of our Savior's death. BUT........Easter's coming!

On another note. The other day I had Allison Hicks call me. Her little girl, Chelsea, died about 6 weeks ago from Wilms cancer. So very sad. Chelsea loved monkeys so when it came time to make a sympathy card for her family I knew that a monkey card it had to be. After I finished the card I got to thinking........I then made up 10 monkey thank you cards so that Allison could use them for some of her special people. I was hoping that they would like them. Well.......when Allison called she said that they truly loved that monkey card and especially the monkey thank yous. Her real reason for calling was to ask me if she could purchase 50 more monkey thank yous! Why yes!! I was very tickled that she loved the cards.........Here is a picture of the original monkey sympathy card and the thank you that went along with it.


Connie Paxman said...

Love the monkey stamps and awesome job on coloring images.
How thoughtful of you to make the cards in rememberance of Chelsea.
connie paxman

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

I'm so very saddened to hear of Allison's loss, but it's wonderful that your gorgeous monkey cards can help to cheer her a little. They're just lovely.

Anonymous said...


You are one very amazing woman~musically talented and deeply artistic. Sorry to hear of Allison's death, but her family had to be comforted by your thoughtfulness.

April P.