Monday, April 20, 2009

Play Day with TJ

Today was a technique play day with Vicky Ward. We were originally going to have three of us but Mary Anne was sick......get well, Mary Anne! We played around with the AI Float technique as well as Bingo Blast and Madras Dragging. We had lots of fun and made lots of background pieces for our coffers. The dark cardstock to the top of the picture was black where we floated the Gold and Silver Metallic Mixatives. They came out really pretty but will need to be sprayed with matte acrylic as they wanted to flake. We did something interesting with the Madras Dragging. We used Border punches instead of plain paper. Wonderful results. That part of the technique was Vicky's idea. I had some alcohol ink made by Pinata that was White. I've never tried to use it and really didn't know how to use it. BUT....we decided that we would try it when we were playing with the AI Float technique. It came out very chunky in the water but what it did was really freaky. It was so strange that I had to film it. If you are interested in viewing, it is on YouTube Here.

This weekend was quite full. On Saturday we celebrated the 45th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang. My husband, Ray, organized a get together and we ended up with about 70 cars participating! Pretty good for a last minute thing. We started at Landmark Ford, a dealership in Tigard, then cruised to downtown Portland and around Pioneer Courthouse Square. We were to go around the square 1.5 times. Unfortunately, there were so many of us that we created a grid lock....HA!! We then regrouped on the other side of the river in an open parking lot. Our next leg of the trip took us to the far east side of the Portland Metro area to a town called Sandy to another dealership called Suburban Ford. They even had hotdogs for us to eat......a pleasant surprise that we didn't know about.

I played for both services on Sunday and it was an interesting service to say the least. Lots of missed ques but at least the music was great. Pastor and I need to communicate a little more. He thought I would do one thing and I the other. It was another "Earlene Appreciation Sunday!" Earlene is our really wonderful organist!! During the afternoon I watched Zander while Leah (daughter) and Ray went to softball practice for the church league they play in. Ray went to the Shelby meeting alone while I readied the house for the Monday playday.


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Congrats on your new blog....I just did mine too and had to come check you looks terrific, I will be back!!

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Your blog is very well done and interesting and I love your work as well...

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